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Pitt Community Update on U.S. Tax Reform Efforts

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are currently considering new tax plans that include a number of provisions related to higher education.

The University of Pittsburgh strongly opposes these provisions, which propose to:

  • eliminate the deduction of interest on student loans;
  • tax graduate student tuition waivers;
  • tax tuition assistance for employees and dependents; and
  • tax certain university endowments.

These prospective changes are detrimental to our students, faculty, staff and their families. In addition, they have the potential to destabilize Pitt’s world-class research program.

Leaders from throughout the higher education community—including at Pitt—have voiced their concerns to Congress.

You, too, can make your voice heard on this important issue.

Consider using the form on this page to contact your elected officials and help us protect and preserve the University of Pittsburgh’s mission to leverage knowledge for society’s gain.    

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