Let’s Get Loud

A Powerful Benefit

Pennsylvania’s students and families receive a state-funded tuition discount of around $15,000 annually (or $60,000 in tuition savings over a four-year undergraduate career at Pitt!).

Every year, as part of the state’s formal budget process, lawmakers in Harrisburg must vote yes to preserve this tuition discount for residents.

What's At Risk

This year, despite more than a half-century of support, the in-state tuition discount is at risk. Some lawmakers are advocating to eliminate the tuition discount for nearly 17,000 Pitt students.

Such a move would reap significant—and instant—consequences for Pennsylvania’s students and families.

What You Can Do

Write your state lawmakers and urge them to vote yes to fund Pitt’s appropriation—every penny of which helps to lower the cost of tuition for Pennsylvanians.

Contact your lawmakers

If you haven’t already, sign up to join our Pitt Advocates Network. Joining Pitt Advocates is easy and quick, and it guarantees that you’ll learn about information and opportunities to save the in-state tuition discount for current and future Pitt students.