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Since 1787, the University of Pittsburgh has never stopped pushing the edge of what’s possible. We were forged in the spirit of progress and the thrill of the unknown. And over 200 years later, we’re still driven by the search. By the rush that comes from connecting dots and seeing ideas converge. Then finding more dots. And seeking newer ideas.
Now we need your help to ensure Pitt can forge new paths and build better futures for the next 200 years by joining Pitt Advocates.
Pitt Advocates is a diverse network of alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends who share a passion for the University of Pittsburgh and higher education. These 10,000+ volunteers help celebrate our accomplishments and share Pitt’s story with the world.  
By joining, you’ll receive special legislative briefings and invitations to events and even have the opportunity to meet and influence lawmakers during Pitt Day in Harrisburg.
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