Pitt Bradford nursing students training

Pitt-Bradford’s associate-level engineering technology and nursing programs fuel local growing industries and position graduates for entry-level jobs in nursing home care and more.

Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Titusville Preparing the Workforce

Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Titusville are ever-evolving to produce graduates whose skills match the needs of local employers. And evolving the right way requires close partnerships with local businesses like Keystone Powdered Metal, Zippo Manufacturing, Upper Allegheny Health System and more.

Pitt-Titusville’s Education and Training Hub will soon add a manufacturing assistance center and medical assistant program. These changes—aided by a $1.2 million federal grant—are designed to complement Northwest Pennsylvania’s business ecosystem and its unique needs. At Pitt-Bradford, local businesses routinely come to campus to help craft degree programs that meet their workforce needs. As a result of these discussions, the campus is building an engineering and information technologies facility as well as adding two engineering tech programs in 2022.

These changes are good news for local leaders like Jeannine Schoenecker, who serves on the board of American Refining Group, one of the largest employers in McKean County. Nearly 30% of the company’s employees earned their degree at Pitt-Bradford, and ARG expects Pitt-Bradford graduates to arrive with both the technical and the interpersonal skills they need to succeed.

Information accurate as of June 18, 2021.

From the Experts

We have never hired a Pitt-Bradford graduate who wasn’t well-prepared and willing to work hard. Pitt-Bradford has been an integral part of ARG’s success and provides us with a talent pool that we could not access otherwise.