Pitt Greensburg students outside of Milstein Library

Pitt-Greensburg Transforming Lives

Pitt’s regional campuses can serve as the first step toward a fulfilling career in Pennsylvania. Just ask Dr. Kaitlyn Blackburn, who attended Pitt-Greensburg as a pre-med and chemistry major. Blackburn thrived thanks to the smaller class sizes and individualized faculty attention. The strong start allowed her to transfer to the Pittsburgh campus, finish her college degree and advance to medical school. As she completes her residency at LECOM and prepares to join UPMC Hamot in Erie, Blackburn joins the ranks of the 65% of Pitt graduates who have opted to stay, live and work in Pennsylvania. 

Information accurate as of June 18, 2021.

From the Experts

I am so lucky that I was able to attend college, medical school and complete my residency in Pennsylvania. Now, I get to live and work in Erie, close to my family and friends. Pitt-Greensburg gave me a chance. It started me on this road, and I’m forever grateful.