Pitt’s Research Moves Mountains

The $895 million in annual research expenditures create nearly $1.9 billion in economic impact, supporting and sustaining over 9,200 jobs. In the last five years, Pitt’s Pennsylvania startups have attracted $694.9 million in capital to the commonwealth, resulting in an estimated $1.1 billion in economic impact and supporting 2,271 jobs.

Pitt uses its formidable research capacity to make Pennsylvania — and the world — a better place. A powerful case in point? The University’s work combating opioid addiction. Academic units across Pitt collaborate to address opioid use on college campuses; deploy data analytics to inform policy in Pennsylvania’s rural regions; partner with local pharmacists to reduce opioid addiction; liaise with district attorneys to prevent drug overdose deaths; and leverage quality improvement tools to support community health while reducing the public cost of addiction.

Information accurate as of June 18, 2021.

By the Numbers

Leading the Way
Top 1%
of the world’s most innovative universities in 2019
Top 10%
of U.S. universities for creating impact through innovation
in annual research and development expenditures, according to the National Science Foundation
Top 10
in funding from the National Institutes of Health
technologies patented in the last 5 years
Pitt spinoffs operating in Pennsylvania

From the Experts

The battle over opioid addiction has not been won, but Pitt has changed the landscape in Washington County. Before our partnership, we saw seven overdose deaths a year upon release from jail. Using proven strategies and expert advice from Pitt, we’ve reduced that to one death over the past five years. Our partnership with Pitt is saving lives.

The late Eugene A. Vittone II, District Attorney, Washington County, PA