A Pitt volunteer with emergency supplies

When the pandemic injected economic instability across the region, Pitt fulfilled its roles as a responsible, reliable community anchor and research innovator.

Pitt Stepped Up...When Pennsylvania Shut Down

The University supported families, businesses and organizations well beyond its campus borders. For instance: Pitt paid local hotels to house students, developed COVID-19 vaccine candidates, opened campus meal cards to local restaurants, ramped up support for businesses across the commonwealth relying on recovery funds, helped administer over 19,000 COVID-19 vaccines, shifted its billing practices to keep at-risk vendors afloat, beamed free broadband internet access to nearly 200 families for remote learning — and more.

Information accurate as of June 18, 2021.

The Impact of Pitt

Pitt injected $331.2 million into critical sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy since the onset of the pandemic. These additional expenditures contributed $651.8 million in economic impact, supported and sustained 3,669 jobs and generated $23.9 million in state and local taxes.

By the Numbers

in COVID- related research
in one-year lease agreements with local hotels
in construction projects kept on track
Pitt Dining Dollars shifted to local restaurants

From the Experts

Pitt’s business consulting services helped me survive during the pandemic. Without their expertise and real-time advice on available support programs, the future of my company and the paychecks for its more than 45 employees were at risk.

Jason Capps, President and Chef, Bella Sera Catering, Venue and Bistro, Washington County, PA