Pitt's Impact

We all have a stake in the success of Pitt. From completing research that directly impacts our daily lives to educating Pennsylvania’s future workforce, Pitt makes a significant contribution to the state’s economy while delivering a world-class education to students. Stand With Pitt today by joining Pitt Advocates.

Local Impact

  • Pitt attracts more than $800 million in research funding to Western Pennsylvania
  • The Pitt community contributes more than 467,000 hours of volunteer services annually
  • Pitt student spending contributes $390 million each year to the local economy

State Impact

  • $26 is returned to the state for every $1 invested in Pitt
  • Pitt alumni contribute $62 billion annually to Pennsylvania's economy
  • Pitt's annual economic impact to the state is $3.95 billion

Global Impact

  • Pitt is a top producer of Fulbright grant recipients, Rhodes scholars, and Truman Scholarship winners
  • Pitt is ranked top 5 in NIH research support
  • A record 23 startup companies formed in 2018 through innovation at Pitt
  • Pitt has a total 521 total technologies available for licensing