"Harrisburg, please don’t take this money away. It helped me to come to Pitt, and I’m sure there’s so many students like me that use this money to come here and start their career."

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PA Students: What Would You Say to Lawmakers?
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Alumni Voices

  • "I was a Pittsburgh girl from a poor family—the first to go to college. And I was able to take advantage of Pitt’s world-class education because of the state-funded tuition rate."

    Robin Dillon
    Alumna from Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania

  • "Pennsylvania has the best and brightest citizens in the USA. We need to keep our children in the state’s higher education systems and keep tuition affordable for our students."

    Kristina Bogovich
    Alumna from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "The state-funded tuition discount helped me, as a parentless young adult, be able to afford a quality education. I would not have been able to attend Pitt without it."

    Jennifer Antoon
    Alumna from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "If not for this reduced tuition, the quality education that Pitt provides may not have been possible for me."

    Angela Slampak-Cindric
    Alumna from Uniontown, Pennsylvania

  • "I personally benefited from in-state tuition, and—without it—my parents and I simply would not have been able to afford my tuition."

    Amanda Visnick 
    Alumna from Harrison City, Pennsylvania

  • "I would not have pursued a career in health science research and education if not for the availability of in-state tuition. I hope that other Pennsylvania residents who are pursuing higher education will benefit from the same opportunities that I had—or better."

    Jason Colditz
    Alumnus from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "Eliminating state aid and making it impossible for regional students to attend Pitt would be a tragedy and an economic disaster."

    Theodore Lyon
    Alumnus from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Community Voices

  • "We count the University of Pittsburgh as one of our region and Commonwealth’s greatest assets and strongest economic engines. The University supports more than 34,000 permanent, family-supporting jobs, thousands of which are in the construction and building trades sectors."

    Allegheny Conference on Community Development
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "Failing to pass Pitt's appropriation would be a devastating blow to current and future students. Equally important: Such a move would undermine Pitt's vital role as an economic engine, job creator and key partner of the labor movement."

    Pittsburgh Regional Building Trades Council
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Johnstown fuels our local workforce with 500 graduates each year in areas such as engineering and computer science, nursing and healthcare, teaching, business, and finance, including approximately 30% who stay, work, and help to advance our state’s economy."

    Somerset County Chamber of Commerce
    Somerset, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Titusville and the Hub fuel the local workforce by graduating well-prepared students, most of whom remain in Crawford, Venango, Warren and Erie counties to advance our state’s economy."

    Business Partners of Pitt-Titusville’s Education and Training Hub
    Titusville, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Bradford sustains and supports 788 jobs, making Pitt-Bradford the sixth-largest employer in McKean County."

    Business Partners of Pitt-Bradford
    Bradford, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Johnstown educates over 2,200 students each year, including 93% who call Pennsylvania home."

    Vision Together 2025
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Greensburg sustains 810 jobs that contribute to the economic viability of Westmoreland County and the region."

    Pitt-Greensburg Advisory Board
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Johnstown contributes over 10,000 volunteer hours annually and maintains a Military Friendly School distinction thanks to a steadfast commitment to serving and supporting veterans."

    1889 Foundation
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania

  • "Over the past five years, Pitt-Greensburg educated more than 7,000 students, including 94% who call Pennsylvania home."

    Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania

  • "We are at a critical point in our rural area as research has proven there are no ‘do-overs’ or second chances when rural communities decline to the point where they are not viable. The decline is especially critical in Pennsylvania as such a wide swath of communities and livelihoods have been rural. The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has helped locally to slow the rate of decline and, in fact, may be a factor in our reemergence."

    Dr. Walter L. Rhinehart
    Bradford, Pennsylvania

  • "Pitt-Johnstown sustains 275 full-time and 200 part-time jobs, making Pitt-Johnstown a top 11 employer in Cambria County."

    Business Partners of Pitt-Johnstown
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania